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Burst Pipes

Leaks and burst pipes happen frequently in many homes and round Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and can lead to huge repair bills when not dealt with in the right way. There are a variety of different leaks you can have in your plumbing including, the pipes them selves, joints or from an appliance. A main problem people have are leaks caused by splits or holes in copper water pipes. Other leaks can occur at joints which need tightening or replacing the joints. This is better left to a professional plumber who can handle the problem more efficiently, sometimes attempting to tighten a leaking pipe yourself can turn a little drip to a major leak. Any leaking pipes should be dealt with straight away, because once water begins to drip from a joint, tap, dishwasher hose or hole it will not stop unless properly repaired, and in some cases can become a lot worse.

Burst pipes often happen during the winter from freezing, this can be prevented with the correct insulation being installed.What happens is that the pressure from the water expands and cracks the pipe. Metal is also brittle when frozen, and can easily be broken or shatter causing you major problems.

If you have a leaking pipe call us ASAP or if you think your pipes are not insulated properly let us take a look and we can advise on the solutions available.




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