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Bathroom Replacements

Modern lifestyles and higher standards of living mean that a bathroom is no longer a purely just a functional area of your home. Comfort, good looks and a relaxing atmosphere are now important considerations too, and it is important you are happy in your bathroom. There are a huge range of bathroom styles, from the style of baths, showers and basins, to smaller details such as shelves and mirrors. In larger bathrooms there is space for more fittings, bathroom units and fixtures such as baths, basins, toilets, bidets or showers. It is important to position appliances so that they function with optimum efficiency and make sure that the right size is purchased for your needs.

As far as plumbing is concerned, the water supply and drainage requirements of a bathroom are usually more complicated than in any other room of the house, since there are more fixtures that use running water than anywhere else and it is important that everything is run correctly to reduce future chances of blockages and drainage issues. Plumbing your bathroom should be left to experts who have come across issues in the past and know what works and what doesn't. As qualified plumbers we have the knowledge and experience required to help you select the right fittings and units for your perfect bathroom.



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