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New Programmers & Room Thermostats

There are numerous devices available to control the central heating and hot water supply temperature in your home. The most basic of these will be a simple timer. You will often see these on lower specification boilers as they are cheapest option and ideal for a low cost budget solution. The timer is often a simple mechanical device with pins for each ¼ hour of the day. The pins are moved in or out to adjust which times of the day you would like your boiler to work.

Room Thermostat

A simple room thermostat controls the heat in the area it is located specifying a temperature and the thermostat will maintain this temperature for you. Choosing the best position for your room thermostat is therefore very important and advice from a heating engineer can save you a fortune and mean that the heat in your house is balanced. The device measures the temperature of the air around it so placing it where there are draughts will make a huge impact on temperatures. In this situation the cooled air draught might trigger the heating to go on even though the ambient temperature in the room is at the required level. Other areas to avoid are direct sources of heat – radiators nearby or an electrical appliance such as a television. Most often people choose to have these devices fitted in the hallway but this is not always the best place, another common option is the living room.

Depending on the heating system you have in your home, a room thermostat may trigger the boiler, the pump, or a motorised valve it all depends on your specific setup. People often make the mistake of adjusting the temperature when it is cold, this is a mistake it will not make your house warmer faster, it is about how often the component will be switched on so adjusting the temperature will make no difference.

Normally the way to get the best from these is to set a moderate temperature of say 18 degrees and allow the room to warm up for a decent length of time. If after a while the room is still too cool, turn it up a degree or two and leave for a while longer. Using this set up method you can establish a setting which provides the most suitable ambient temperature.


These are more sophisticated devices which are available which control the central heating and the hot water systems throughout your home. These devices offer you a lot more functionality and control over the temperatures in your home.

Cylinder Thermostat

A thermostat may be mounted on the outer surface of a hot water cylinder to measure the temperature and an element is use to heat up your tank. Once the set temperature is reached, a signal is sent to the motorised valve which will switch off the hot water circuit.

The external thermostat on some cylinders can sometimes work loose and therefore give a false reading. If you find the water is getting hotter than it used to and you haven’t adjusted the thermostat it may simply be that it has lost contact with the surface of the cylinder.

Regardless of the type of system you have in place we can help you with your system, or give you an upgrade or replace anything that needs replacing, give us a call and we will give you the best help and advice available.





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